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Our Mission

At Controller Modz, giving gaming enthusiasts hardcore play is our hardcore mission.

Our mission is simple. We want gamers across the world to be able to flaunt their unique, personal and signature modded controllers, designed by them and custom created by us.

At Controller Modz, we enable you to design your very own modded controller concept detail-by-detail, piece-by-piece. Then we create your exclusively designed modded controller for real, matching your concept design down to the tiniest detail. The result is an ecstatic customer whose playtime zooms to the ultra dimension in terms of speed and style. And a gratified company that is happy to have made it happen!

What We offer

We know the needs of our customers!

Registered UK Ltd.

Best in Class



5 Years Custom & Modded Controller Experience


We were the first company in Europe to release mods for the worlds most anticipated games.

We were the first to release mods for Halo 3, including dominating Rapid Fire, in Europe.

We were the first to beat the Rapid Fire detection in Call of Duty 5 and released the mod just hours after the games release. Others took months to beat this detection!

We released the first full Mod Chip for the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

Product and services

We use only the highest quality Mod Chips on the market.

We use ONLY Microsoft and Sony Certified controllers, sourced from Official Distributors.

We use only the best parts to create your controller.

Our Rapid Fire is compatible with all games and undetectable in Xbox Live.

Every mod we have produced works with Play and Charge Kits, rechargeable battery packs and standard batteries .