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1) We offer a 14 Day money back guarantee on all products (beginning on the day in which you receive your goods). During this time, if you are unhappy with your item you can return it for a full refund, but we must be notified within this time period. In order to issue a full refund the item must be returned in the same condition it arrived in, with all original parts and packaging included.

2) All controllers are accessories include a 6 Month Warranty. Any returned item will be replaced within 2 working days of it arriving back out our premises. Please see below for additional Warranty information.

3) If the returned item arrives damaged or in unsatisfactory condition, an exchange cannot be offered and if the item cannot be repaired, a small charge will apply.

4) All controllers are made to order within 2 working days of purchase, although this may take slightly longer during busy periods. You will be informed if this is the case.

5)All controller designs are limited edition and subject to availability. Once a design is sold out, we cannot guarantee the same design will be available for selection again.

6) We will not repair or modify a controller that has already been opened by another person or company.

7) Warranty does not include damage caused by human error. For example, if you have purchased a controller and the analogue stick has malfunctioned due to excessive wear or an accidental drop, this would not be covered under warranty. Please contact us for a repair quote if you have accidentally damaged the controller.

8) In the event that the item you received is not how you requested, please contact us within 24 hours so we can rectify the issue as soon as possible.

9) All prices are fully inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax)

10) We store the contract's content and will send you the details of your order as well as our general terms via e-mail. You can find the terms here at all times. The details about your recent orders can be found in your customer login.

11) Please be aware that chrome shells, parts and buttons are more prone to scratches and potential paintwork related issues if not correctly taken care of. Please ensure that the following precautions are applied in order to preserve the parts for as long as possible:

a) Keep the controller away from heat sources i.e. radiator, direct sunlight

b) Use a cloth to remove any grease, sweat or moisture at the earliest opportunity

c) Keep the controller away from any object or area which could scratch or damage the controller.

12) Engraving is non-refundable. The amount paid for engraving will be deducted from the amount that is refunded to you, should you wish to return the controller for a refund.

13) All Gift Cards are non-refundable.

14) Return postage is to be paid by the customer unless the item is faulty on arrival.

15) We reserve the right to cancel and refund any purchase where there is a pricing error or where an item is no longer in stock.

16) We reserve the right to cancel and refund any purchase where we suspect discount code abuse or fraud

17) Discount codes are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. Discount codes have no cash alternative.

18) All items must be returned within 30 days of the date you requested to return the item for repair or refund

19) For International Customers, a customs charge may apply depending on the rules and regulations in your country. Please check to make sure you are aware of the charges before placing your order.

20) Rush-Build fees are non-refundable. Once a rush-build fee has been paid for expedited processing of an order, it cannot be refunded, regardless of any subsequent cancellations, modifications, or delays in the order fulfillment process.

Additional Warranty Information
1. What Do Some of These Terms Mean?


A) “Normal Wear and Tear” – Use of the Game Controller or an Accessory that results from normal use, wear and/or ageing.

B) Warranty”- Our promise to repair, replace or provide a full refund of your purchase which is defective, malfunctions or fails to work. Such Warranty exists for a designated time period following your purchase based on the purchase type, the specific terms applicable to your purchase and the terms contained in this Warranty.

C) “Warranty Period” – The one-hundred eighty (180) day period following the date you received the Game Controller or the thirty (30) day period following the date you received an Accessory unless otherwise required by applicable law.

2. What Does the Warranty Cover?


Your purchase includes Warranty to ensure that the controller or accessory is free from any defects, malfunction or failure.

At our expense, we will fix, replace or provide a full refund of the price you paid for the item in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

3. How Long Does the Warranty Last?


180 days – The basic functionality of the controller or accessory. If any button, add-on or enhancement is no longer working as it did upon arrival, this will be covered under warranty.

Cosmetic damage such as scratches, damage to paintwork, thumbstick tears and cracks are not covered under warranty.

During the Warranty Period, the Controller and any Accessory may only experience normal wear and tear to continue to be covered under the Warranty. In addition to the exclusions outlined in Section 6, the Warranty will be void if the use of the Controller or Accessory exceeds or has damaged not caused by Normal Wear and Tear.

4. What Happens if My Game Controller or Accessory Stops Working, Breaks or Can No Longer Be Used?


Step 1: Contact us

If there are any functional issues with your item during the warranty period, please contact us via our contact form or directly to [email protected] with your order number, details of the issue(s) and your name. We will then respond accordingly within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

STEP 2: Use Your Warranty

If your item is still not working upon following our suggestions and/or troubleshooting guides from one of our support staff, you will be entitled to a repair or replacement under warranty *exceptions apply (see section 6). You are responsible for all costs associated with shipping the controller or accessory back to us.

Your controller or accessory will be repaired under warranty within 180 days of purchase if you are able to provide us with proof of purchase. If the controller or accessory was purchased more than 180 days ago, there will be a charge to carry out the repair or issue a replacement. Please see section 5 for further details.

STEP 3: Warranty Timeframe

Controller or Accessory

Repair or Replacement – After we receive your Controller and your payment if outside of the warranty period, it will take us up to five working days to repair or replace it, but in most cases, this will take place within 2 working days.

Full Refund – After we receive the returned item, we will issue a full refund within 2 working days.

Once your controller or accessory has been repaired or replaced by us, we will ship them to you, at our expense, back to the original address provided by you during the purchase of the Game Controller or Accessory, unless an alternative shipping address has been provided.

5. What if Your Warranty Has Expired?


If the controller or accessory purchased from Controller Modz is no longer covered under Warranty, you will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost to fix or replace the controller or accessory. Once we receive your controller or accessory, we will carry out a thorough inspection to ascertain the cause of the defect or malfunction.

After carrying out the inspection, we will contact you with a quotation of the repair or replacement. You will then have the option to proceed with the quotation or have the controller or accessory returned in the same state in which we received it. We will not carry out any repair or issue any replacement until payment has been made. the Warranty, your Game Controller or Accessory will not be repaired or replaced until we receive payment from you.

6. What Voids the Warranty?


This Warranty will be voided and will not be applicable if a defect has occurred due to:

a) Tampering with or opening the controller or accessory

b) Exposure of the Game Controller or Accessory to extreme temperatures

c) Commercial use of the Controller or Accessory, unless authorized by us

d) Exposure of the Game Controller or Accessory to fluids or other forms of moisture

e) Attaching the Game Controller to a power cord that exceeds the recommended voltage for the Controller

f) Scratches, dents or other cosmetic changes which alter the Game Controller or Accessory from its original state

g) Repairs or alterations to the Game Controller or Accessory not completed or authorized by us.

h)Damage to or unreasonable use to the Game Controller or Accessory.





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